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Gone are the days when decorating the children's room happened as an afterthought. Today's kids have it made - what with fond parents opting to create a magical ambience for them, armed with informed inputs from interior decorators, and a generous budget. So, be it a Disney theme for a young child or Space Wars for an older one, pink and cream for a girlie look, or all the characters from a favourite comic book recreated on the wall, dolls and fairies for a little girl, an automobile theme for a little boy complete with a bed shaped like a sports car, play areas with slides, ladders and basketballs for that outdoors feel, and punching bags and images of their favourite sportsmen for health-conscious teenagers there's no two ways about it: Doing up the children's rooms is far from child's play.

Every parent wants their child to have a space where they can rest, learn, play, imagine, create and most importantly be themselves. Kids want to enjoy the freedom everywhere and do whatever they like. They are always attracted towards colorful objects inside and outside the home.

It’s wise to let them go through the raptures, make their imagination go wild; enjoy natural objects and fun things. If you want your kids to stay indoors, you will have to make their living space interesting and playful.

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